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About Keely

Hello! My name is Keely Smith. I am a Chicago based actor, an awesomely nerdy Star Trek enthusiast, and I absolutely love storytelling. Stories can change or affect the world, or just one person... and either outcome is a success to me.


I hold a BFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University. I moved to Chicago in 2019, and wow those first three years were much different than I imaged. With the pandemic keeping most (if not all) acting opportunities remote, I dove into the opportunity to spend more time focusing on my voice acting career. As an avid gamer (yes I know, my nerd is showing... it's great right?!) it has always been a goal of mine to work in voice over for video games.

I am glad to finally be back on the Chicago stages again post-lockdown, and I am certainly glad to say (as a self proclaimed Start Trek enthusiast) that you can now find me performing regularly on the Otherworld Theatre stage in Starship Edsel: An Improvised Star Trek Satire! 


I am always interested in making new connections, so please feel free to message me and, if you want, tell me your story! 

“Seize the time... Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.”  ― Jean-Luc Picard

Upcoming Performances!


It Is So (If You Think So!)

April 5-21, 2024

(understudy performance: Sat 4/20 @ 2:30pm)


I am thrilled to be making my debut performance with Edge of the Wood Theatre in Chicago, in the upcoming performance of It Is So (If You Think So!) by Luigi Pirandello. I have the honor of playing Signora Nenni and understudy for Signora Cini. Our ensemble is masterfully directed by Sean Hargadon.


When a new family arrives in a provincial Italian town, speculations on their “situation” immediately arise amongst the neighbors. In Pirandello’s timely and timeless comedy, updated to the 1960s, conflicting versions of the “truth” force the community to determine whose story is right.


Starship Edsel: An Improvised Star Trek Satire

Starship Edsel is a Star Trek inspired farce set aboard the Federation Starship Edsel towards in the early 25th century. Come see me as Jr. Lieutenant Vilalee Parr, a Trill officer, in this Star Trek improv satire!

Performances every other Saturdays of the month @ 10pm CST  at the Otherworld Theatre in Chicago. You can see in person OR online in livestream format! You can enjoy this Star Trek based series at the theatre or anywhere in the globe!

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