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Current Perfomances!
Starship Edsel: An Improvised Star Trek Satire


Come see me live at the Otherworld Theatre in Chicago as Lieutenant Jr. Grade Vialee Parr in Starship Edselhybrid improv show that you can see in person OR online in livestream format! Enjoy this Star Trek based series at the theatre or anywhere in the globe! We have performances every other Saturday of the month at 10pm CST!

Edsel Season 2 Announcement.webp
Recent & Past Projects
Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon— 2023 (videogame)

Role: Eilidh

Buy it on Steam

Pitstop in Purgatory— 2022 (videogame)

Role: Rahel Amethyst 

Buy it on Steam

PIP_Rahel Amethyst.JPG
download (3).jfif

Melody Closeup.jpg
Detour — 2021 (videogame)

(First appearance at 0:40)

Role: Melody

Download game here on

Desktop Screenshot 2021.11.30 -
The Dragon Tutor — Webtoon Dub Series

Role: Queen Gwen; Various Voices

The Dragon Tutor - Part 1 (Full Episode)

**See the full episode playlist here to stay up to date as new episodes release

Desktop Screenshot 2021.11.30 -
Desktop Screenshot 2021.11.30 -
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